Current exhibitions

solo exhibition

Returning empty to the vacuum

From 22 June to 22 September 2024
Museum of Photography of Huete - Antonio Pérez Foundation
Huete - Cuenca

collective exhibition

Sculpture from the Circa XX Collection

From May to October 2024
Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture (IAACC) Pablo Serrano

collective exhibition

DECISIVE INSTANTS, Photography in the collection of Julián Castilla

From 15 May to 7 July 2024
Museum of Guadalajara

collective exhibition


From 1 June to 30 November
Cartoixa Vallparadis Castle
Terrassa (Barcelona)

Upcoming exhibitions

collective exhibition

Sottotraccia. An ethical line in contemporary art

From 27 July to 13 October 2024
Exhibition Halls of Palazzo D'Avalos
Vasto - Pescara (Italy)

collective exhibition

The Body of Silence

From 12 September to 23 November
Valentín de Madariaga Foundation