Toledo 1970.

BA (Hons) in Fine Arts by the UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). He completed his training by participating in various workshops with artists such as Luís Gordillo, Misuo Miura, Jaime Lorente and Gerardo Aparicio.

He held his first solo exhibition in the early nineties. Since then, he has shown his work regularly in galleries, museums and art centres. He has held solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the US, Brazil and Argentina, and participates frequently in both national and international contemporary art fairs. Among other places, his work has been seen in the Patio Herreriano Museum, DA2 Museum, Antonio Pérez Foundation, MACA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante), MEIAC (Museum of Contemporary Art of Extremadura and Latin-America), Union FENOSA Museum of Contemporary Art and MUSAC, and at art fairs such as ARCO, TIAF (Toronto), ArteBA (Buenos Aires), Art Brussels, Photo Taipei, Chaco (Santiago de Chile), Photo London and Pinta Miami (US).

In mid-2002 his work leaves the two-dimensional plane to acquire a volumetric character and it becomes difficult to classify, as it lies halfway between sculpture, installation and the artistic object. It is worth highlighting its intense poetic charge, through which it delves deeply into concepts such as the interiority of the human being and its links with transcendence.

In parallel to this work, and after a long period of approaches to the world of photography, his first photographic pieces appeared in 2009, maintaining the evocative and mystical spirit of his volumetric works. In recent years he has been working with the concept of pain and the possibilities it offers, once accepted, of building up the human being.

Among the awards he has received, it is worth mentioning that he was selected Best Spanish Living Artist in ARCO 2016 by the National Association of Art Critics.

His work forms part of public and private collections, both inside and outside of Spain, such as: Patio Herreriano Museum, Unión Fenosa Collection, Circa XX Collection - Pilar Citoler, Coca Cola Foundation, BESart Collection, Caja Madrid Collection, DKV Collection, Figueiredo Ferraz Collection, Alberto and Ginetta Regaza Collection, Jozami Collection, Kells Collection, Foro Sur Foundation and IAACC.

He works with Daniel Cuevas Gallery in Madrid and 100 Kubik Gallery in Cologne (Germany), but he has also held exhibitions in other galleries: Egam in Madrid, Ángeles Baños in Badajoz, Spazio P in Cagliari (Italy), Fonseca Macedo in Azores (Portugal), Marisa Marimón in Orense, pazYcomedias in Valencia, del Sol St. in Santander and Espacio Líquido in Gijón, among others.

Qualifications and Training

Graduate in Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense (Complutense University), specialising in engraving. Madrid, 1993.

Contemporary art workshop led by artist Misuo Miura. Madrid, 1993.

Contemporary art workshop led by artist Jaime Lorente. Madrid, 1993.

Engraving workshop led by artists Luis Gordillo, Francisco Cortijo, Mitsuo Miura, Oscar Manessi, Antonio Gallo and Gerardo Aparicio. Seville, 1993.